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Whippet breeder, 
Located in Gatineau, Quebec

Website under construction...

Photography; Foxpolis 

The whippet
Model of grace,
elegance and power...

"The dog is the only being who loves you more than he loves himself."
Fritz Von Unrub (German writer, 1885-1970)

LACE Whippets

Our values
Our vision

At LACE, openness, honesty, transparency and the well-being animals are at the heart of our values. 

Our main goal in breeding is to produce quality puppies, healthy and balanced from head to paws, with versatile and exemplary temperaments so that they meet the expectations of their family. 

          * All our dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club.
          ( Click on the CCC logo for a wealth of relevant and important information)

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