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Our socialization program
/obedience basis

A good socialization program is the basis of ethical and responsible breeding. The importance of the breeder's work with his puppies will directly impact their future. It is therefore essential to deal with it carefully. On average, everything happens between 3 and 16 weeks of life. During this highly important period of rapid neurological growth and development, it is crucial to expose puppies to a variety of experiences that will be rewarding, positive and will follow them throughout their lives. 


However, the first three weeks of a puppy's life are just as important. Puppies are helpless at this stage of their life. Their eyes do not open for about 10 days, and the sense of hearing begins at around 2 weeks. During this phase, touch remains the best way to interact with them. Handling and stroking, gently, several times a day, teaches them that interaction and human touch is a positive and pleasant experience for them.

At LACE, therefore, a few exercises from the Early Neurological Stimulation program will be performed once a day from day three through day sixteen. Although puppies are very immature at this age, they are sensitive and generally respond well to ENS.


Our puppies will be exposed to small exercises to stimulate their neurological system according to the Early Neurological Stimulation Program. Exposure to different smells and different textures will also be an integral part of their evolution over the weeks. 


The ENS involves handling the puppies one by one while performing a series of five exercises. Handling each puppy once a day includes the following exercises:


  1. Tactile stimulation

  2. straight head

  3. Head pointing down

  4. Lying position

  5. Thermal stimulation


The duration of the stimulation is only 3 to 5 seconds!



What does the ENS do?

When done correctly, ENS is said to impact the neurological system by putting it into action sooner than expected, resulting in increased capacity that later will help make a difference in one's performance. , according to Breeding Better Dogs. 


Exercises will never replace, however, the daily handling and petting of young puppies.


Five benefits have been observed in dogs exposed to ENS, including better cardiovascular performance (heart rate), stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, greater stress tolerance, and greater stamina. to diseases.


According to Breeding Better Dogs, in learning tests, ENS-stimulated puppies were more active and exploratory than their unstimulated counterparts.


At LACE, our socialization program will be based on certain principles of Puppy Culture, Avidog, as well as the result of many of our readings, seminars and webinars that we have attended over the years. Our goal is to give our puppies the best possible start in life, respecting everyone's pace and ensuring that they have positive experiences. 


Growing up, our puppies will develop their sense of resourcefulness in situations where they can evolve by solving problems themselves. The goal is to increase their self-confidence, learn to manage their frustration and manage their fear. 


Our program will also ensure that our puppies develop their learning to trust people from an early age. This work will then be continued at home, with his future family. Our puppies will not leave the breeding before 10-12 weeks. If a puppy needs more time to leave our kennel with confidence, we will not hesitate to keep him with us.


Several components will also be part of our socialization/obedience base program, here are a few examples:


  •    Le manding 

  •     Free shaping

  •     Tame bite inhibition

  •     Working the food/toy drive

  •     A good start to toilet training

  •     The taming of the cage

  •     Introduction to walking on a leash

  •     The discovery of different places, environments, people, animals, means of transport, noises, sounds, etc. 

  •     Focus

  •     Introduction to Chasing the Lure



Puppies only have one start in life, which adds to the importance of a good socialization/obedience foundation program. At LACE, we are committed to providing our puppies with all the attention, listening and space they will need to develop to their full potential before leaving with their families to continue their development.  

What is Puppy Culture and Avidog? 

Sensory and motor development programs


Puppy Culture is a program developed by Jane Killion, professional dog trainer and breeder. It is a comprehensive and organized program that breeders can follow during the first weeks of a puppy's life. The first 12 weeks of a puppy's life are incredibly important.

This program helps puppies develop their curiosity, their self-confidence, as well as their confidence in the world around them. It is an important issue in the face of socialization to sounds, textures, space, respect and more!


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