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Origin of the Whippet

- His history -

The origins of the whippet: a controversial subject. For some, the breed appeared recently in the 19th century, for others it is much older.

For the first, the whippet made its appearance in the English working environment in the 19th century from crosses between greyhounds and terriers. The whippet, then considered the poor man's horse, was used for hunting rabbits.

For the latter, the whippet already existed well before this date   as evidenced by certain works of painters of the 17th and 18th century.

Anyway, the whippet is of English origin and its name comes from "whip it" meaning "Whip check". The breed was officially recognized only in April 1890 by the English Kennel Club, which, from then on, admitted it in its Book of Origins and in its exhibitions.

​The first whippet to win the English championship was called Zuber, a fawn and white male born in 1889.  (photo above) The first whippet show in France dates from 1913.


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