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Our conditions of adoption 

1- If you can no longer keep your dog (for whatever reason), he will have to come back to us.

Anyone who is no longer able to keep their dog, regardless of the latter's stage of life, should contact me. It is strictly forbidden to resell your dog. 

2- No reproduction accepted except in case of prior agreement.

All our puppies leave with a non-breeding contract and it is in no way possible to breed them if the agreement has not been made at the base with us. Any owner who violates this condition of non-reproduction will be liable to legal action. All our dogs will have to be sterilized at the age stipulated in the contract, ie at the end of the growth period. Proof provided by your veterinarian must be sent to us afterwards. 

3- Training methods, positive reinforcement only! 

At LACE, it is essential to commit to training your puppy through positive reinforcement (R+) training methods! The whippet is a sensitive breed, it goes without saying that no coercive object is an option and this, ever!

4- Take a mandatory kindergarten/socialization class

In order to fully understand the needs of your new puppy and above all to give every chance that his integration will go well, a kindergarten and socialization course will be required before the latter's arrival in your family. A certificate/certification must be sent to me as proof of success. 

5- An appropriate diet is highly recommended

As there has been an increase in cases of Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) in certain breeds, including the whippet, this has prompted the US Food Safety Agency (FDA) to start a thorough investigation to try to find the precise cause of these “new cases”. Nothing to date has yet been proven. But grain-free foods have been singled out. You must therefore remain vigilant and make wise choices in terms of food for your puppy. 

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