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Our females

On this page, you will find each of the females included (or not) in our breeding program. Our breeders are tested according to the OFA protocol, as well as additional tests, always with the aim of improving the breed. Our strict breeding criteria aim to produce healthy, balanced, versatile puppies that are the most representative of the breed.

Female - in evaluation

Toscane, formerly Jamaica, our very first full female, arrived in May 2022, directly from Poland. 

Toscane is only 19 months old, she is still very young. We have started her health tests, but she will have to pass several more before determining if she will become the founder of our breeding. 

Toscane is a dog full of joie de vivre, who exudes natural elegance, attracting all eyes to her fluid movements and majestic presence.

Curious and very sweet-natured, being around her every day is a real breath of fresh air. 

We have big plans with her! 


Sterilized - companion dog

With unparalleled gentle nature, Prana combines elegance with performance. An audacious go-getter, she offers us unparalleled versatility. Always playful and endowed with a beautiful sensitivity, living by her side is pure happiness. 

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