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Breed Standard

Photography, Foxpolis

General aspect
Highly alert and fast-running medium-sized dog that can cover maximum distance with minimum unnecessary movement; it is a real hunting hound. Must be in peak physical condition without overdeveloped musculature.

Ideal height at the withers: male, 48-56 cm (19-22 in); female, 46-53 cm (18-21 in). These are not absolute limits but approximate values.

Dress and color
Short, smooth coat, as close in texture as possible. All colors are allowed.

Skull long and lean, fairly broad between the ears; barely visible stop; muzzle of good length, powerful without being heavy. Nose completely black; white, strong and even teeth offering a perfect scissor bite. Large, intelligent, round, dark hazel eyes; they should be at least as dark as the coat. Lively and alert expression. Eyes with dull expression expressing weariness, to be avoided. Ears small and finely textured, tilted back and folded. Semi-erect when the animal is listening.

Long and muscular, well arched, without trace of dewlap, gradually widening towards the shoulders. Any trace of "sheep's neck" to avoid.

Long, well sloping shoulders with long flat muscles. Forelegs straight and rather long, aligned with the shoulders and not placed under the body so as to form a chest. Elbows neither turned in nor out and hinged freely with the point of the shoulder. Fairly good bone extending to the foot. Strong pasterns.


Back strong and well muscled, rather long with a good natural arch at the loin so as to have a well retracted belly while having a good length.
Chest well let down and well drawn, reaching as far as possible to the tips of the elbows. Ribs well arched without however having the shape of a barrel. They occupy the space between the front legs so as not to give the impression of a hollow.

Hind limbs
Long and powerful, stifles well bent, hocks well let down and close to the ground. Thighs broad and muscular, the muscles being long and flat. An undesirable rapidly sagging croup. Well shaped feet with thick, strong pads and well articulated toes.

Long and slender, reaching a hip bone when stretched between the hind legs. Must not be worn above the back when the animal is in motion.

Low, well-disengaged and regular gait, as far as this is possible according to the size of the subject.

Pale yellow or oblique eyes, resulting in a strong penalty. It is the same with ears carried gaily. Having heavy shoulders is a very serious fault. Thin, flat, splayed feet are also a serious defect. A subject with a reduced or shortened gait and raising the forelegs too much should be severely penalized.

Eliminating Features
• Undershot

• Any dress other than that described in the standard




Canadian Kennel Club Official Breed Standards

Valerie Diotte 
Responsible breeder

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