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Hello and welcome to the great family of Lace Whippets. 

First of all, let me explain to you how the name of our kennel came about, because we are so proud of it!

LACE was a real revelation for me and as soon as I offered it to my daughter, she too immediately adopted it. LACE represents none other than each of the first letters of my childrens' first names, in order from the youngest to the eldest. (Lexie, Antonin, Chanèlie and Élaurie). Instant love at first sight! I knew at that precise moment, that would be THE name of our kennel and no other. Also, LACE stands for "lace", as in the fabric. A friend already mentioned this lovely text to me, which I immediately liked; "Lace is delicate, fragile, it's made with "simple" materials but it is the result of much effort on the part of the artisan which denotes qualities such as patience, meticulousness, concentration.. .and the result is spectacular!!"

About Us

Both animal lovers, my daughter Chanèlie and I, discovered a real love for the whippet breed. After several years of researching, we finally adopted our first Whippet in the summer of 2017, the sweet Prana.
Since then, our love for the breed has continued to grow and the idea of becoming ethical and responsible breeders then slowly germinated within us. We welcomed our very first potential female on May 5, 2022. Jamaica was 8 months old. She was born in Poland. We have great hopes for her, a great adventure begins for us!  

We hope to share with you our growing passion for the breed, but also and above all, to make you discover it. 

Our dogs are raised in a family environment and live with us, in the house, as full members of the family. 

We are located in the Outaouais region, very close to Ottawa. 


We are members (or future) of the following associations and clubs \
We test OFA and Embark

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