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Acerca of

 - Foxpolis Jamaica -


Record Name:Foxpolis Jamaica
Use name:Toscane
Date of birth:August 25, 2021 (Poland)
Mother:Aisha for Foxpolis Taavetti

Father:Courtborne Chewbacca


Intact - Under evaluation

Titles & Accomplishments:

Novice Trick Dog (NTD)

Canine Good Neighbor (CGN)

Health tests: 

Hips: (coming soon)
Elbows: (coming soon)
Heart: (coming soon)
Eyes: Normal - 15 months

BAER: Regular
Thyroid: (coming soon)


OFA: (coming soon)

Myostatin mutation (bully-gene) 

N/N (clear) - 06/22/2022

Phosphofructokinase deficiency (PFKD) 

N/N (clear) - 22/6/2022


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