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First litter expected for summer/fall 2024!

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We are not taking any official reservations at the moment, but you are invited to complete our preliminary questionnaire in the "WELCOME" section.


Adopting a puppy from LACE Whippets!

It gives me great pleasure to send you this important information concerning the adoption of a puppy from our kennel. All of our puppies are sold under a non-breeding contract, without exception. 

Adopting a puppy from LACE includes:


- registration at the Canadian Kennel Club;

- a veterinary examination, an eye test, as well as a hearing test (BAER);

- a microchip, the first basic DA2P vaccine and the first dewormer;

- contract including a health guarantee of X years, (to be determined);

- a nice complete starter kit; and 

- support from us throughout your puppy's life.

Adoption price is $ (TBD). 

At LACE, we justify the selling price of our puppies by our detailed research done for each of the couplings, carefully chosen and studied over time. Our breeding dogs are tested for: eyes, heart, BAER, hips and thyroid according to a protocol determined by the OFA (The Canine Health Information Center) with the aim of always improving the health of the breed. Each of these elements is also tested with the "Embark" genetic test. Our breeding dogs have received titles in conformation and work according to our values, our interests, but also in relation to the preservation of the origins of the breed; lovers of racing, in all its forms!

All our puppies grow up with us, in the house, surrounded daily by human, canine and exotic friends. As development remains at the center of our priority, we are committed to giving your puppy the best possible start, offering him/her stimulation and socialization from an early age, following the protocols of the programs "Puppy Culture" and "Avidog". 

None of our puppies leave the breeding before 10 -12 weeks and this, following a thorough evaluation. As each puppy develops at his/her own pace, we will not hesitate to keep him/her close to us and siblings, if the puppy needs a little more time to leave confident and ready to discover the world.

At LACE, we know how easy it is to fall in love with a pretty face at first glance. It is therefore our duty,as a breeder, to have an in-depth discussion with you to clearly identify the puppy that will best suit your lifestyle, your daily life and your future goals. 

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