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His temperament

The Whippet is an affectionate, intelligent and athletic dog. His passion: racing. To maintain his psychological and physical balance, he must run frequently. The main characteristic of the Whippet is its running speed, which can go up to 60 km/h.

Inside he is calm, very clean and rarely barks. This refined dog loves to lounge in a comfortable armchair or in front of a warm ray of sunshine. The Whippet is always ready to snuggle up to his favorite human, to whom he is very attached, even sometimes dependent. This is why good work towards independence, from an early age, is essential. 

Soft and sensitive, the Whippet is a pleasant companion for the whole family, playful with children and good with the elderly. He is very easy going. He is also distinguished by his calm, balanced character and discretion. At first, he can be a little reserved and shy towards strangers, but never aggressive. As soon as he gets to know the newcomers, he can't help showing them signs of affection. He is an extremely endearing and charming dog.

The whippet is also a very great athlete, who loves to work, as long as his training is done with gentleness and positive reinforcement, because he is endowed with great sensitivity. He hates people who are bossy towards him.

If you offer him a full life, he will be happy to follow you in all your activities. 

He needs exercises to be happy and balanced, the whippet is not a living room statuette. 

He will gladly listen to his owner if he shows delicacy and respect. It is very important to teach him to recall from an early age, because his hunting instincts will encourage him to run after a rabbit, a cat or any other small animal that he comes across on his way. ​

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